Jograj Randhawa
Communications Co-Ordinator
High Voltage Roadshow DJ Service

Jograj Randhawa, aka DJ High Voltage’s sound repertoire is a unique blend of sounds ranging from high-energy beats to chill and aesthetic tracks to fit any crowd or special occasion. It is his passion to enhance any space with sound along with a belief that there is an appropriate musical soundtrack for any time or place. He brings his own deeply felt brand of emotional resonance to genres from soul to Bhangra, hip-hop and Hindi tracks. Spinning high-quality sounds, DJ High Voltage has a strong South Asian fan base, but appeals to music lovers of all types and backgrounds. “I’m a play the whole song type of guy,” says Jograj. “I like to get into the artist and bring the crowds back to their high school days or that first reception party back in the day.”

He is obsessive about collaborating with clients to find the perfect mix of music, mood and structure for their event so they feel confident the event will be unique and special, and then seeing the event become a success. One of the best feelings music aficionados share is the goose bumps-inducing sensation a deep connection to a song can give.

“When I bought my first set of turntables and began spinning at parties and clubs, it felt amazing to share this connection. It became addictive and rewarding to be able to connect with others through a wide range of music. I feel fortunate to be able to DJ in the Lower Mainland, a place with limitless potential and diversity.”