Gursharan Dhaliwal
Kraft Mortgages Canada Inc.

Gursharan Dhaliwal is a respected figure in the mortgage industry, since 2007 and
subsequently founding Kraft Mortgages in 2014.
With extensive experience in the Fraser Valley, Gursharan has navigated countless deals, offering invaluable insights into diverse financial scenarios.

His dedication to client advocacy is unwavering, always prioritizing their best interests.
Beyond his professional endeavors, Gursharan is deeply committed to giving back to society.

He actively supports organizations such as BC Children’s Hospital and Surrey Hospital Foundation,
contributing to the betterment of the community.
Additionally, he has taken on the role of mentor, coaching numerous young brokers who have gone on to achieve success in the market.
Gursharan’s journey serves as a testament to his relentless
hard work and unwavering persistence, earning him the respect and admiration of
peers and clients alike.